Check the label

On the label, you may look for the sale denomination, which consists of:

  1. Product type: ham, shoulder, cured loin or loin encased [lomo embuchado] or loin for processed products; or the name of the cut, for products coming from carcass butchering.
  1. Feeding and husbandry:

    • «Acorn-fed» [bellota]: For products from animals slaughtered immediately after exclusive feeding on acorn, grass and other natural resources of the «dehesa».

    • «Fattening on farm» [cebo de campo]: Where the animals have been fed with fodder but also with natural resources of the dehesa or countryside. The husbandry is carried out in open-air farms (extensive or intensive), and part of the surface area of the farm may be roofed.

    • «Fattening» [cebo]: in the case of animals fattened only with fodder, and their husbandry is carried out by intensive methods.
100% iberico EN
  1. Genetic purity:

    • « 100% ibérico»: Where the products come from animals enjoying 100% genetic purity of the ibérico breed. Reference on the label: it must be part of the sale denomination.
acorn-fed iberico ham
  • «Ibérico»: Where the products come from animals enjoying 50% or 75% genetic purity of the ibérico breed. Reference on the label: this percentage figure must appear very close to the product denomination, and the size of the font use to give the percentage of the ibérico breed purity must be not less than 75% as big as the font use for the letters of the product denomination.
*Name of the independent control body or its acronym

Quality guarantee

On the label you will also find the text “Certified by” followed by the name of the independent control body or its acronym. This means that control body guarantees its quality after having tracked from the pig´s birth to the point of sale.

At the slaughterhouse, hams and shoulders in each batch of products must be identified by means of a tamper-proof seal, which must include an individual and unique number that will allow the traceability batch. It will be of a different color for each sale denomination:

Other labeling specifications

Optional words:

  • “Black hoof” [Pata negra]: this term is exclusively reserved for the «acorn-fed 100% ibérico» designation [bellota 100% ibérico].
  • “Dehesa” or “montanera”: these terms are exclusively reserved for the «acorn-fed» designation [bellota].

Reserved terms, images or symbols: in product labeling and advertising, any name, logo, image, symbol or other expression evoking or alluding to any aspect relating to acorns or to «dehesa» is reserved exclusively to the designation «acorn-fed» [bellota].

Prohibited terms: it is prohibited to use the sale denomination in incomplete form, or to add to it any different term, or the isolate use of any of its component terms, except that of the product type.